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Key Features

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Categorize any text in to 12 major categories. 10+ languages supported.

Topic tagging

Get topic tags for any text in multiple languages.

Entity Recognition (NER)

Identify entities such as organizations, people, places, laws and much more.

Part-of-speech tagging

Tag words/punctuation based on their context within the text.


Utilize visualizers to display your processed text in a human readable format.

Sentiment analysis

Determine if a text is positive, negative or neutral in multiple languages.

Language detection

Language detection with over 100 supported languages.


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We provide RESTful API endpoints for a range of out-of-the-box Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools. This makes integration of NLP into your project extremely fast and simple.
We provide free access for you to use and test our API. Our API provides the easiest and most cost-effective access to a wide variety of NLP tools.
Our service is 100% free to use on our free plan - no payment details are required.

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